Waxing Training in Scotland

Unit HF8G 04 Carry Out Waxing Services

This Standard is about removing hair using waxing techniques. The areas to be treated include the eyebrows, face, legs, underarm and the bikini line. You will need to be able to consult with the client, prepare and plan for the service. You will also need to provide aftercare advice to the client, particularly around the avoidance of certain activities and the use of home care products.

To carry out this Unit you will need to maintain effective Health, Safety and Hygiene throughout your work. You will also need to maintain your personal appearance and demonstrate effective communication and consultation skills.

Outcomes in this Unit are:

Outcome 1: Maintain safe and effective methods of working when removing hair by waxing
Outcome 2: Consult, plan and prepare for waxing services
Outcome 3: Remove unwanted hair

Duration: 7 days
Cost: £395 + VAT includes kit